Opportunities for Young People (Aged 16-21)

Young Programmers Group and Young Board Member 

We want young people to have a role in all parts of our work, from helping us make big decisions about the company to deciding what we put in Mayfest. 

We’d like to hear from young people across Bristol, whatever your qualifications, background or work experience. 


Demostage is an informal, temporary space for new ideas. Open to people who make creative projects of any kind (think theatre, music, games, sound, whatever), the event encourages collaboration, sharing and critical discourse. Presenters show what they've been working on. Audiences ask questions and give feedback. It's not a scratch night. It's an informal event in a bar, inspired by software developers who meet up, drink and demo the programs they're working on. We run Demostage quarterly in January, April, July and October.


We’re always looking to expand our team of casual volunteers who assist with everything from flyering and stewarding, to helping out in the office and even sometimes appearing as extras in our shows! If you’re interested in giving us some of your time to help make Mayfest happen, email matthewandkate@mayk.org.uk with your name, contact details and how you think you can help us out.

Work Experience

As we are such a small team, we are unfortunately not able to respond to requests for work experience. We occasionally advertise internships and placements through specific schemes. Any future placements will be advertised on this page.

Image: Illustrator Laurie Stansfield at a Breakfast Talk (Mayfest 2016). Photo by Paul Blakemore.