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SESSION | Bristol 2018
to Jul 29

SESSION | Bristol 2018

Tonight we come together, to look each other in the eye and dance.
We have time on our side and we’re making a space to call our own.

Made in collaboration with an extraordinary group of young performers SESSION is a battle cry and a love song, celebrating community, youth and belonging.

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Of Riders and Running Horses
8:30 PM20:30

Of Riders and Running Horses

Night. We find a space in the margins of the city in which to gather: to start an ad-hoc ceremony, to stamp our feet and shake our limbs, to dance in the face of an ending.

Of Riders and Running Horses is a stirring and visceral new dance event by Still Housecreated as a communal animation of urban spaces. Five female dancers and a live band conjure a new kind of old dance, an insistent rhythm, a joyful step into what it means to move together.

The music is a rider and we are running horses.

Directed by Dan Canham with associate director Laura Dannequin. Created by the company with live music by Luke Harney and Sam Halmarack.

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