Soft flesh contends with hard metal as vibrating bodies and hysterical voices attempt to unseat the hidden interior of anxiety, desire, daily exertion, sexuality and relentless penetration. 

Three women are working hard, using their bodies and voices, an assortment of utilitarian domestic objects and a striking choreography of subtle shaking and relentless labour to produce moments of operatic melodrama and brooding states of dissent, quake and eruption.

This striking yet subtle, accumulative work asks the question ‘what is the role or necessity of pain in personal and social change? And who pays the price?’ It is both ecstatic and excruciating, euphoric and unforgiving. It’s also quite sexy. 

We Are Fucked is both a resistance to, and a succumbing to, the difficulty. Uncovering the hard work it sometimes takes to live in a world which is not designed for you. Through our labour we work to complicate and celebrate the nutty, uncomfortable but ultimately heroic efforts of people finding ways to unseat this way of living, and break apart the structures we live in.

We Are Fucked premiered at Arnolfini in Bristol, and was presented at Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival 2018. It will tour in 2019.

If you would like to find out more about We Are Fucked, drop Matthew a line.

Jo Bannon is a UK artist making live art and performance. She has presented work in the UK, Europe, South America and Australia including The Barbican, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Arnolfini, Itau Cultural Brazil, Battersea Arts Centre, PAD Mainz and the National Theatre. She is a founder member of artist collective Residence.

For We Are F*cked Jo Bannon is joined by Rosana Cade and Louise Ahl.

Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Arts Council England. Additional support from Residence, Access2Arts and Arnolfini. Produced by MAYK.