Selina Thompson

Selina Thompson is an artist and performer based in Leeds. Her work is playful, participatory and intimate, focused on the politics of identity, and how this defines our bodies, lives and environments. She has made work for pubs, cafes, hairdressers, toilets, and sometimes even galleries and theatres, including Spill Festival of Performance, The National Theatre Studio, Birmingham REP, East Street Arts and West Yorkshire Playhouse. In 2016, Selina presented salt at Mayfest, commissioned by MAYK, Theatre Bristol and Yorkshire Festival. salt has gone on to win critical acclaim and numerous awards. Selina is currently working on a major new commission with Arnolfini 'Sortition'. 


Richard Allen

Rich 1-duotone.jpg

Richard Allen's work investigates the agency and theatricality of objects through the making of sound installations, performances, films, essays and publications. He makes sound and visual works with theatrical props, stage hardware, novelty items, instruments, machines, apparatuses and artefacts that play with how narratives and animations are formed between objects, sounds and spectators. He has presented work at the National Review of Live Art (Glasgow), Chapter Arts Centre (Cardiff), and Oriel Moystn (Llandudno). You might remember Richard from 2012's Garage Band, and as one of our SENSE commissions in 2013. He is currently working on The Killers, a new audio work for roadside diners, based on the Ernest Hemingway short story. He is Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Worcester School of Art (UK) where he is the co-founder of the Fabrication Research Group.

All of Richard's Thoughts are transcribed. You can find the transcriptions on SoundCloud.




Sleepdogs Thought Residencies.jpg

Sleepdogs is a collaboration between writer/composer Timothy X Atack and director/producer Tanuja Amarasuriya. We make work for theatre, film, audio, online and other spaces. More than anything, we want to tell really great stories – gripping, unexpected, thrilling stories that surprise and move audiences. Sleepdogs' recent work includes Dark Land Light House, Circadial and The Bullet and the Bass Trombone. They are currently working on a new electronic musical about grief called A Million Tiny Glitches.