Brian Clifford Davis

Today, we are remembering Brian Clifford Davis, whose life we celebrated alongside family and friends at a service today at Canford Crematorium in Bristol.

Brian passed away in the company of his beloved family on the 27 June 2018. He was 73 years old.

I’ve tried a couple of times to write something about Brian, and have faltered. The inadequacy of words in trying to capture a sense of a person, a feeling, a memory, feels strong. Such a dissonance. I think Brian would know what I mean. In the absence of words, with Brian, there would always be a hug.

We work as producers with Firebird Theatre, a completely wonderful ensemble of theatre makers with disabilities. Brian was a member of the company for many years and latterly a trustee. We got to know him, and to consider him a friend specifically through our collaborations on The Breadhorse and A Spark and A Beating Heart. In both of these productions Brian twinkled throughout. Light and dark in the catch of a breath. He was magnetic to watch.

And we will remember him like that. And we will remember his smile, his wit, his playfulness, his heart. His truth. Brian was very funny, and very honest.

So when we talk about the importance of kindness and openness, as we do, in the ongoing pursuit of being goodin what we do… Brian will remain an example of that. He lived that. He just did.

When I was small I fell in love with the rain.When it rained and mum couldn’t find me she only had to look out the window and there I was, outside, soaking wet, loving the rain
— From A Spark and a Beating Heart

It hasn’t rained much recently, Brian. We wish it would. And it will always make us think of you, and smile.

Thank you

Kate and all at MAYK