Mental Health & Flexible Working Survey

As part of MAYK's Agent for Change programme, we are developing a 'mental health, wellbeing and flexible working in the arts' policy. This policy will outline how we can support those with lived experience of mental health concerns, dependents or additional needs. We want to learn and share the concerns and best practice with the sector, and to encourage conversation around wellbeing.

We want to know about your experiences working with us and other organisations in relation to your wellbeing and mental health. We'd like to find out what we got right/wrong, what we knew, what you may have hidden and why. Responses will be anonymous so please be as honest as you are comfortable.

We recognise that the pressures of professionalism don't always allow for vulnerability and we see this as unhelpful. We want to have policies and practical steps in place to allow for flexibility, we want to make space in our plans and communications for the unexpected, and we want to make talking about mental health at work NBD.

Where this will go:

* Your responses will help shape the MAYK Flexibility Policy. We will use this internally and publish it on our website. 

* We will write a blog post about this process and may quote some responses if permission has been given. All quotes will be anonymous.

* Decisions based on survey information may form part of the Agent for Change evaluation, which will also be anonymous.

Where this might go:

* We may trial some new approaches or ask for your feedback to proposed policies

* Further surveying of artists nationally, expansion of study into freelance life and mental health

So, if you work in the arts, in any capacity, we'd love to hear from you. Be as brief or as detailed as you want to. Thanks for taking the time to have a read and fill this in (it should only take a few minutes).

Read more about the programme and why we're doing this in the blog written by our Agent for Change, Alice Holland.