Welcome to our new website

After at least five years of being stuck in 2009, we've finally made ourselves a new website (using Squarespace - those people that advertise on pretty much every podcast you subscribe to).

So, what's new? 

There is much clearer information on our projects, now handily divided into Current, In Development and Archive. So you can read about the work we're doing now, look at videos and photos of our previous work and check out what we have in the pipeline for the future.

There's a new section about our team and our board, and more information on what kind of work we do, including a new page about Mayfest (even though it has its own site, over here)

Excitingly you can now BUY things from us, and hire stuff too (including a dance floor and some snazzy lights).

You can now very easily support the work we do, through monthly donations or one off gifts. And please do consider supporting us, if you don't already. It makes a huge difference.

So - have a poke about and let us know what you think. We're especially interested in hearing about any bugs, glitches or things you think don't work as well as they should. It's early days, so we will be making some tweaks.

Who'd have thought it? A new Prime Minister and a new MAYK website on the same day.