Watershed and MAYK Winter Residencies

We’re delighted to be collaborating with Watershed on their Winter Residencies programme, and we’re looking for three artists interested in technology and climate breakdown.

We know that art can make a huge difference to how people see and think about issues and ideas. As Neil Gaiman wrote in his book, Art Matters:

“It is easy to pretend that nobody can change anything, that society is huge and the individual is less than nothing. But the truth is individuals make the future, and they do it by imagining that things can be different.”

So we’re inviting you to imagine. Global heating is causing weather-related disasters, rising sea levels, changes in food production, climate-related diseases and more. How does the climate crisis impact lives? What role can technology play? And what could the future look like?

The Winter Residencies offer three artists from any discipline, career stage and background the opportunity to think, make and share ideas. We want to hear your ideas for artworks that are underpinned by stories or experiences of people, from anywhere in the world, affected by the climate crisis. Ideas could draw from historical, current or future fictional narratives. You could explore any topics or express any mood from grief and depression, through to optimism and hope. Technology could form part of the narrative and/or the delivery mechanism. We’re pretty open to what this could be but we do want to contribute to making a difference. So how will your idea enable people to relate to what is happening? To understand why it is essential that we act now? And will it provoke action?

We thrilled to co-support this residency programme, combining our joint expertise, networks and spaces into a brilliant opportunity for artists.

To find out more about the opportunity and the application process, please read the Winter Residencies brief.

We look forward to hearing from you.