The Power of Voice by Olivia Watkins

We starting of some voice exercises to help us start off. For this workshop about voice, it was very interesting to the group, with some ideas what we did: A food game: what is your personality as a food then the Name Jam/sounds of music – very good experience. Then we did rounds: Deer calling and a sea one. And we did Hocketing: singing backward and forth numbers and Hey Jude/ Yellow Submarine. We all work very hard to complete this workshop.

She was called Verity Standen. She was leading the workshop. We all think we like her to come again. We did some feedback of what she did.

And now I have finished my blog. The End.



Olivia Watkins is an actor and performs with Firebird Theatre. She joined back in 2015 and has performed in Prospero, Duke of Milan and A Spark and a Beating Heart.

Firebird Theatre is a Company of disabled artists based in Bristol. They are produced by MAYK and are an associate company of Bristol Old Vic. Firebird Theatre are experienced, disabled performers/actors with a consistent track record – they have been making work together for over twenty five years.

Verity Standen’s work as a composer, director and performer explores the human voice and how it can be celebrated and transformed through live performance.