MAYK’s response to Bristol City Council’s proposed Cultural Investment Funding

MAYK is delighted to have been recommended for funding from Bristol City Council through its new Cultural Investment Programme.

We applaud Bristol City Council’s continued commitment to arts and culture in the face of significant financial challenges, and we also recognise that the position many local authorities – including Bristol – find themselves in is unenviable.

MAYK will receive £12k per year, a reduction of 20% on our previous Key Arts Provider grant. Bristol City Council funding represents 4% of our turnover, but is extremely valuable in helping us leverage investment from other funders, including Arts Council England.

The reduction in funding to arts organisations across Bristol will impact the whole sector. At MAYK, all of our work is done in partnership with other organisations, and relies on us all having the capacity, resource and energy to work together to achieve the best outcomes. The best partnerships are built on strong foundations, and continued challenges to the resilience of arts organisations puts these foundations at risk.

We look forward to working with Bristol City Council, Arts Council England and our partners across the city, both within and outside of the cultural sector, to secure continued investment and support for arts and culture.

For more information about Bristol City Council's funding recommendations, click here

Photo: Can You Hear Me Now, November 2017. Image: Paul Blakemore