MAYK are one of the partner organisations on UWE's brand new Creative Producing MA

MA / MFA Creative Producing 

Immersive theatre, choreographed construction cranes, and streetlights that interact with passersby. Over the last decade a new kind of creative experience has emerged from Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio fusing a variety of traditional artforms with emerging technology. Innovative projects like these require a new kind of creative producer. The Creative Producing MA/MFA is designed to equip you to lead and support projects like these a skillset in increasing demand in the ever-changing creative and cultural landscape.

What is a creative producer?

Are you involved in arts, cultural or creative technology production? Are you the person who is drawn to instigate or organise the project? Do you think you have creative leadership potential?

A creative producer makes things happen; they sit between the creative process and the operational process in a project, orchestrating ideas, resources, people and participants to turn the seed of an idea into reality.

Creative producers shape the way that meaning is taken from the work. They combine attention to detail with an ability to see the big picture and can make connections between the two. More than project managers, they realise the vision of a project and make it possible for a creative team to achieve their best. Our creative community is especially interested in innovation, creative technology and collaboration between artists, researchers, engineers, designers, and makers. These sectors often use different terms and have different ways of working so creative producers need excellent communication and translation skills.

The cultural sector need producers who are familiar with the demands of creative technology and are able to lead multidisciplinary teams. The producer is able to create work that resonates with a contemporary audience. They will be the future leaders of venues, festivals, creative tech companies and producing houses. As our creatives are coming from ever more diverse backgrounds and disciplines – our producers will be able to match that ambition, and drive it forward.

Two 50% subsidised placements for BAME students are available to applicants, supported by the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

Placement Partners

Watershed and UWE have designed a new Creative Producing MA so it's 50/50 practical and analytical and have teamed up with producers across Bristol who will host MA students during the course.We're so thrilled to be a placement partner alongside organisations across the cultural sector spanning: robotics, installations, games and app development, Film & TV, festival and event makers. These include:

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Photo: Salt and the Sugar Jar by Nikesh Shukla. Commissioned by MAYK and Theatre Bristol for Mayfest 2015.