LADY BUG - Malaika Uwamahoro

Mayfest preparations are peppered with visa procedures. We are ferociously proud of our international identity and the artists who come and present work at the festival. This year we invited our friends and collaborators from Mashirika Arts to take part in a residency at Mayfest. Malaika was part of this cohort but she never got to come and take part. She was rejected entry. 

We were all devastated, angered, upset. We didn't say anything publicly at the time - we were trying to find out where in the world she was and if she was okay. 

We can't describe her experience or put into words what happened. So, here's Malaika recounting her experience in her own words. 

LADY BUG by Malaika Uwamahoro
Produced by Kirstin Mueller and art work by Christian Kayiteshonga