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Every Body's Spectacular – Notes from Reykjavik

Every Body's Spectacular – Notes from Reykjavik

There's nothing like trying to drag a suitcase through the streets of Edinburgh at the tail end of the Fringe to make you want to escape to a quieter place. I finished four inspiring days at the world's biggest arts festivals with Rachel Clerke's blistering Cuncrete ringing in my ears and headed for Iceland; a place that couldn’t really be more different to Edinburgh in August.

Reykjavik’s Every Body’s Spectacular festival is collaborative working at its best. Two distinct programmes, Lókal and Reykjavik Dance Festival, combine for an annual festival of local and international work. We’ve been lucky to have been invited for a number of years, and it’s been great to get to know some of the local artists on this remote volcanic rock.

Much Loved: the well-worn bear

MuchLoved is a beautiful ongoing photography project by Mark Nixon – portraits of worn, aged and cherised teddy bears. We like these little chaps an awful lot. You can view the full collection on Mark’s website here.

The bear below is One Eyed Ted, aka Aloysius (55+) which belonged to Gerry Ryan, and now belongs to his daughter Babette.