AATF is a real musical, really. It's as accurate as your memories of your teenage years are accurate. It is also a 100% truthful depiction of Sam Halmarack's formative years. Maybe 110%

Sam has never been to see a musical. He cannot dance. He is working with some teenagers who are experts at musicals and being teenagers.

Nothing will go wrong. Nothing ever does.


We are currently looking for commissioning and presenting partners. If you would like to find out more contact Kate

A Million Tiny Glitches

An electronic musical.

This is a world where death exists. Loss is hard. Grief is like a river. It's powerful and you can't hold it back.

This is the story of a woman who goes looking for her friend – a friend who has vanished inside a city of his own imagination. Both have lost someone they love and it's cracked the landscape of their lives. A Million Tiny Glitches is a weird and emotional dream quest through those fractures.

A Million Tiny Glitches has grown from our personal experiences of grief over the last few years – vivid and mysterious; you feel it in your heart and your gut. We believe songs can hold emotion very directly, so we thought we'd make a musical that goes deep and feels modern; that embraces sadness without being sombre. Something that's influenced by Björk and ANOHNI, Haruki Murakami and China Miéville. And yeah, there'll be a band.”

We're on the look out for presenting and commissioning partners so, if you're a programmer interested in presenting or commissioning the work please contact Kate.

R&D Company
Story / Directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya
Story / Words / Music by Timothy X Atack
Movement Direction by Coral Messam
Musician collaborator Elena Pena
Performed by Kayla Meikle, Simon Mokhele, Zoe West, Timothy X Atack (Ferment Festival, 2017); Madeline Shann (Pulse Festival, 2018)

After doing lots of work on the sound world of the show, the next stage of R&D will be investigating its visual design, projection and animation world.

Produced by MAYK. Seed commissioned by the New Wolsey Theatre and Bristol Old Vic Ferment. Financially supported by Arts Council England. Thanks also to Ovalhouse London and Trinity Arts Bristol. Developed in residence at The Brunswick Club and at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio.


Photos from july 2017 research & development

Photos by Jack Offord. Performers: Timothy X Atack, Kayla Meikle, Simon Mokhele, Zoe West.

Still House are at the early stages of developing a new show, On Wrestling.

They’re using Olympic wrestling as a choreographic tool. They’re digging into models for masculinity. They’re playing with the things that might be difficult for men to say to each other and to show to each other.

"We cannot change men, but we can encourage, implore and affirm their will to change. We can respect the truth of their inner being, a truth that they may be inable to speak, that they long to connect, to love, to be loved." - bell hooks

We're open to residency opportunities and commissioning partners. To find out more contact: kate@mayk.org.uk

For enquiries relating to international opportunities, contact: hannah.slimmon@farnhammaltings.com

On Wrestling is being developed with the support of the National Theatre.

Working Model is an idea for an alternative city. And we’re not talking 100 years in the future, or 50 years, or 10 years. Working Model is about how we might live, right here and right now, if we weren’t living like… this. The people creating and developing and physically building this city? Children. 

The latest work from artist Rachael Clerke, in collaboration with adventure play organisation Woodland Tribe,  Working Model explores what happens when you let children and their creativity lead, and entrust them with saws and hammers and wood to create their own space. The city will be at once tangible and solid constantly changing, inviting the public to interact with, build onto and even temporarily live within the space. 

Working Model will challenge the idea that ‘adults know best’, or that our idea of ‘normal’ is correct or inevitable. Instead, by giving children the agency to build whatever they like, the project will explore the radical possibilities of realising eccentric ideas on a large scale.

Over eight weeks, and culminating as part of Mayfest 2020, Rachael and a team of visiting artists will work with local school children to take over a warehouse space and make it their own. Workshops as part of Working Model will include themes of housing, death, decision-making and tradition.

Image by Jack Offord.


A Crash Course in Cloudspotting (the subversive act of horizontality)

“I was lying in semi supine on the floor in a Spanish airport. I opened my eyes to see a po- lice office with a gun. He asked if I was drunk (I wasn’t), then told me to move along. Didn’t argue”.

"I can tell you about being thrown out of restaurants, cabs and cinemas for lying down...I can also tell you about the time I got three plane seats in a row so I could lie across them only to find they had fixed armrests”.

Raquel has become an archivist: she has been collecting stories about people’s attempts to rest in public. She thought she was part of a small crew of neurodiverse people who need to lie down and rest throughout the day. Turns out it’s a pretty big crew.

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting tells some of the 150+ stories we’ve collected.

The piece also invites 100 people with hidden conditions to perform remotely, using light as a metaphor for presence. This will visually communicate their real-time patterns of rest, and create a bridge between audience in the installation and people often absented from cultural spaces by their conditions.

Part installation, part verbatim theatre, the piece will ask audiences to lie down together to experience a 40 minute play in light, sound and people’s stories of their attempts to rest in public.


Artistic Director: Raquel Meseguer
Composer: Jamie McCarthy
Designer: Sophia Clist
Production Manager: Jo Kimber

We are partnering with Camden Alive, Unlimited, Pervasive Media Studio and Fabrica to present at Camden Alive in November, and premier at Mayfest 2020.

Original 2018 production commissioned by Unlimited, co-commissioned & produced by Ovalhouse. Conceived by Raquel Meseguer and devised in collaboration with Artist & Designer Synnøve Fredericks and Composer Jamie McCarthy.