Exposure is the beginning of an investigation into how we look, how we are looked at and if we can ever really be seen. This intimate one to one performance is a tender and tentative look into autobiography, asking how fully we can reveal ourselves – to ourselves, to another, with another.

It comes out of a tentative enquiry Jo is making into autobiography and into how she looks and appears in the world, this is informed by her relationship to the fact that she has albinism. Albinism, a condition which affects her pigmentation and also her sight, affects both how she physically sees and experiences the world and how she is seen and perceived.

“Simple, beautiful, evocative – authentic!”
— Audience Member

about Jo bannon

Jo Bannon is a UK based artist making live art and performance. Jo has presented work in the UK and Europe and is an associate artist with In Between Time and founder member of Residence. Created by Jo Bannon. Developed with the support of Rules and Regs and South Hill Park. Further development is supported by Bristol Ferment, Dartington Space with the support of the Dartington Hall Trust, In Between Time,The Basement, Residence, RWA, Arnolfini, & BAC. Funded by Arts Council England.

At the core of Jo’s work is a fascination with human exchange and the hope and futility which this endeavour entails. Her work explores how our physical bodies experience the world around us and how this sensory experience of living can only be conveyed in a faltering rudimentary language which continually fails to express how we see the world to each other. Jo’s practice explores how live performance and encounters might be used as a strategy against this. As a result her work often manifests as intimate encounters designed for one person or small audiences alongside staged theatre work and installations.


MAYK are working with Jo on future touring of Exposure. If you would like further information or to book the show, contact Matthew.