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What are you hiring?

You are hiring a Black Joelmat Dance Floor from J&C Joel. It is DFR vinyl flooring.

It is 200cm wide with a variety of lengths cut to cover Bristol Old Vic's stage. Essentially this means that it was cut to 3 x lengths of 12m, 3 x lengths 10m, 1 x 6m(seeseparate diagram) stored in rolls.

There is one knick in it but flawless apart from that.

This floor is suitable for ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, African etc. This floor is not suitable for tap or dance with stiletto heels.


This floor can be used barefoot or with dance shoes, ie ballet or jazz shoes. It can be used with street shoes, but shoes must be clean and free from grit before stepping onto the floor – grit and dirt will scuff the floor, and some grit or small stones may pierce the floor. Stiletto heels should not be worn on the floor due to the risk of piercing the floor.

Tap / Flamenco dance Dance Floor is cushioned and is therefore not recommended for tap or flamenco (ie. Dance styles requiring stiletto heels). Should this be unavoidable – lay ply board sheets on top of the floor and secure with dance floor tape, please contact us before doing so.

Props or furniture such as tables and chairs can be used on the floor. Ensure they are placed and carried on to the floor, and not dragged. Inspect for any sharp edges that may scuff or pierce the floor, and cover appropriately with rubber or tape.

If any heavy objects with a small base are to be left on the floor, the load must be spread by placing a spreader in between the object and the dance floor i.e a wooden board. This will prevent the risk of the object piercing the floor.

Where can the floor be laid?  

The floor can be laid on any flat, clean, grit-free surface. The surface must be level, with no raised areas, bumps or dropped levels. Please contact us before laying the floor outdoors

To lay the floor  

Sweep the sub-floor surface well.  Following this, wipe the area with a damp cloth. Ensure the area is free from grit that may pierce the floor.

It is best to lay the floor, and allow to ‘relax’ overnight. This will remove any stretching tension, and allow any warping from storage to drop out.


Only specialist dance floor tape can be used on this flooring – do not use gaffa or duct tape as this leaves a sticky residue that can damage the floors surface after it is removed.

Once the floor has been laid, ensure there is a 3mm gap between each length. This will allow for any expansion due to temperature fluctuations. Tape a few centimeters of the join, and then ask someone to stand on the taped section – then unroll the tape in a straight line. Ensure the tape is well pressed down, with no rippling.

Once the joins are taped, tape the outer edge of the floor to ensure no material comes under the floor, and that no one trips.

Cutting to fit  

This Dance Floor must not be cut for any reason. If the floor is damaged by any incidental cutting, that section of floor must be replaced at your cost.

Moving the floor  

Transportation of the floor will require at least 3 people. There are 3 rolls and each roll is heavy. The rolls should be transported flat and not on stood on their ends. 


Each roll is stored rolled onto a plastic tube. These rolls must be stored flat, not on the ends. Rolls should not be stacked on top of each other and should not have objects placed on top.

Re-roll the floor when the floor is ready to be re-rolled, ensure the tube is perpendicular to the length of dance floor. Roll with 2 people – it will get heavier as you roll. Ensure the edges of the floor remain flush, and check the underside of the floor for any grit or debris that may damage or pierce the top surface of the floor. Ensure the floor is tight on the roll and that there is no warping or un-evenness. Once rolled, tape the floor to itself. Ensure to store and transport flat, not on its end. 

Replacement Costs  

Whilst in the hirers possession, if any of the rolls are damaged to such an extent that they are no longer fit for use the hirer will be expected to pay the replacement cost.


MAYK prefer that the dance floor is returned to our storage space or on to the next hirer if appropriate

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