Of Riders and Running Horses

  • Swan Shopping Centre Car Park Wells Place Eastleigh, SO50 5PP United Kingdom

Night. We find a space in the margins of the city in which to gather: to start an ad-hoc ceremony, to stamp our feet and shake our limbs, to dance in the face of an ending.

Of Riders and Running Horses is a stirring and visceral new dance event by Still Housecreated as a communal animation of urban spaces. Five female dancers and a live band conjure a new kind of old dance, an insistent rhythm, a joyful step into what it means to move together.

The music is a rider and we are running horses.

Directed by Dan Canham with associate director Laura Dannequin. Created by the company with live music by Luke Harney and Sam Halmarack.

July 28
MAYK Salon #1