MAYK is a theatre producing organisation that collaborates with artists and audiences to make exciting things happen in unusual ways.



  • Curates and commissions bespoke theatrical events for Bristol
  • Invites the most exciting makers we can find to present and play in the city
  • Produces, develops and tours new work nationally and internationally

Our major project is Mayfest, Bristol's international festival of contemporary theatre, and we also work with a number of artists to develop, present and tour their work. Currently we work with Still House, Sleepdogs, Firebird Theatre and Sam Halmarack

Our vision

We believe in the potential of art to be life-changing, political, transformational and to make the world a better place to live. We believe theatre can do this in subtle and dramatic ways. We believe passionately in the power of liveness, that nothing is substitute for the collective action of being in the same space at the same time.


We collaborate with artists and audiences to create the best possible performance experiences; we question the status quo; we look for the alternative way of doing something, and we embrace creative risk.

We curate Mayfest, a major international theatre festival for the people of Bristol; we help artists we find inspiring make flights of fancy a reality - to be the best they can be; and we collaborate with other organisations to create things that we, and they, couldn't do independently.

“Collaborating with MAYK has been nothing short of essential to Sleepdogs’ growing profile, confidence and reach. Without Kate and Matthew on our team, we would not be making as much theatre as we do, and we would not have the confidence to work as ambitiously as we do.”
— Sleepdogs

MAYK projects have taken place in Bristol, Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Sao Paulo, Tbilisi, Prague, Melbourne, Gent and many other places around the world.


Are you an artist or company with a brilliant idea or project and need help making it a reality? Drop us a line and tell us about it – we're always open to new ideas and who knows where a conversation could lead.  


MAYK's Directors, Kate Yedigaroff and Matthew Austin have nearly thirty years between them of producing, programming and marketing high quality arts events. Both Kate and Matthew can offer consultancy in festival curation, audience development, strategic marketing, artist development, dramaturgy and project planning (including bid writing). Kate and Matthew are also available to lead workshops, teaching or conference speaking.

Previous clients include Kneehigh, Wales Millennium Centre, Open University, Bristol University, UK Theatre and many more.

For more information or to discuss a project, email

All photography provided by Paul Blakemore