Always and Totally Forever is a devised musical about teenagers made by Sam Halmarack and friends. It's a lament for what's gone and a chaotic celebration of what's to come. 

The show aims to get the audience to feel like teenagers by immersing them in a riotous mosaic of song, dance and video art. Sam has been working with teenagers from different backgrounds with the support of pioneering research-art atelier Mammalian Diving Reflex. 

If you would like to find out more about Always and Totally Forever, please contact Kate

A Million Tiny Glitches

An electronic musical.


This is a world where death exists. Loss is hard. Grief is like a river. It's powerful and you can't hold it back.

This is the story of a woman who goes looking for her friend – a friend who has vanished inside a city of his own imagination. Both have lost someone they love and it's cracked the landscape of their lives. A Million Tiny Glitches is a weird and emotional dream quest through those fractures.

A Million Tiny Glitches has grown from our personal experiences of grief over the last few years – vivid and mysterious; you feel it in your heart and your gut. We believe songs can hold emotion very directly, so we thought we'd make a musical that goes deep and feels modern; that embraces sadness without being sombre. Something that's influenced by Björk and ANOHNI, Haruki Murakami and China Miéville. And yeah, there'll be a band.

We're on the look out for presenting and commissioning partners so, if you're a programmer interested in presenting or commissioning the work please contact Kate.


Photos from july 2017 research & development

Photos by Jack Offord. Performers: Timothy X Atack, Kayla Meikle, Simon Mokhele, Zoe West.

An extraordinary group of young dancers and one of the country's best young Afrobeats bands come together for a dance event that celebrates youth, community and the act of dancing to music.

SESSION is a collaboration between Still House, Steppaz Performing Arts Academy and Empire Sounds (both from Tottenham)

We are at the R&D stage of making a work that showcases the exceptional skills and energy of Steppaz young dancers – aged from 6 to 18 – and the immediacy and power of Empire Sounds. 

Designed for unorthodox spaces, we are curating an event that is a joyous and raw unveiling of these exceptional talents.

Commissioned by LIFT and produced by MAYK, SESSION will premiere at LIFT 2018.

'We must no longer be objects of desire, but subjects of our own desires’ – Susan Sontag.

Jo Bannon will create a new group performance work called We Are Fucked, a new large scale performance and participatory project exploring the internal and external experiences of female desire, sexuality and neoliberalism. Led by leading female disabled artist Jo Bannon as director/choreographer and performer, We Are Fucked will bring together a diverse company of performers and participants who identify as female to contribute to the work.

As well as a large-scale performance, Jo Bannon will create Sex In Public Places – a participatory programme of events, podcasts and publications further exploring the research process behind We Are Fucked.

Jo Bannon is a UK artist making live art and performance. She has presented her work internationally, including The Barbican, Art Gallery Western Australia, Itau Cultural and the National Theatre. Jo’s work is concerned with human exchange and encounter and attempts to unpick the ways we look, hear and sense our immediate environment in order to make unfamiliar these intrinsic behaviours. Her performances often manifests as intimate encounters designed for single or small audiences alongside staged theatre work and installations.

We Are Fucked is currently at research and development stage. It will premiere at Mayfest 2018.

If you would like to find out more about We Are Fucked drop Kate a line.