Ah-Be (in the direction of a rose) is a live performance action, to be undertaken by British-Iranian artist Sara Zaltash. 

Sara will walk from the source of the River Thames along the waterways of Europe and the Caucasus to Tehran, in order to deliver her one true love to her grandmother, broadcasting the sound of the journey continuously live online. Sara offers an open invitation for people to join her walking and listening as she treads a sacred path to her ancestors, in search of the meaning and matter of true love. Her pilgrimage offers a pseudo-archetypical romantic hook around which intersecting socio-political contexts can swirl. 

The project is kindly supported by British Council, Arts Council England, Schumacher Institute (UK), Live Art Development Agency (UK), Arts Admin (UK), Connexions Capital, Watershed (Bristol, UK), The Island (Bristol, UK), The Owl Barn Residency (Gloucestershire, UK), ]performance s p a c e [ (Folkstone, UK). Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art (Budapest, Hungary), Trafo Cultural Centre (Budapest, Hungary), BucharestAiR (Romania), Port Cetate Artist Residency (Cetate, Romania), Cultural Management Lab (Tbilisi, Georgia), Sasan Pirouz (Tehran, Iran). 

Read about the story so far in an interview with the artist by performing borders 


“Zaltash is electrifying... See her if you can.”
— The Guardian